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Reasons to See a Counselor

There are a variety of reasons a student can come see a counselor. Students face a variety of challenges that affect their emotional, social, mental, and academic state. Some common challenges that middle school students experience are things such as transitioning into middle school, balancing multiple classes/assignments, being picked on/bullied, developing new friendships, life changes that occur at home, and mental health challenges. Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) may contact one of our counselors using our QR code in the "How do I see a counselor" page or by reaching out to us by email. 


The school counselors at our school are there to provide support and listen without judgement. Counselors can provide students social, emotional, and academic tools to help them with their different situations. Students may want to see a counselor for the following reasons: 

- Need help identify and process their feelings and emotions

- Have thoughts of self-harm 

- Need help academically or build study skills 

- Talk about career opportunities 

- Having issues or conflicts with relationships at school or at home